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Our lead product, The Electronic Minute Book, was created in 1986 as Canada's first entity management software for the  Corporate Secretary.  Originally written in DOS, then rewritten for Windows in 1993, EMB32 represents the latest generation of this product, as a full 32-bit Windows application ready for Windows 2000 and XP.
The original application is now available for W2K and XP systems.  A new version of the program is under development, and screen shots and other material will be available shortly.  Please contact us for further details of this new product.
For sales or EMB support please call Nigel Blumenthal at (416) 732-5175, or email to
In the US, new clients should please contact Transcentive Inc. of Shelton, CT for their product World Records, based on the original EMB.
The Electronic Minute Book for 32-bit Windows (EMB32)