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Quite frankly, we asked ourselves the same question when the SEDI system was proposed, and we tried to have the architects of the SEDI system include electronic filing from iFile as an option; unfortunately, they were not interested in making those adjustments.  However, since the SEDI system has been in place, it has developed a reputation as difficult to use, unfriendly and inflexible.  Clients told us that iFile was still extremely useful, especially for internal reporting, because, for example, it allows reports and views of the holdings of a specified group of people, something that SEDI cannot approach.  Yes, it does mean that data is entered in two places, but iFile clients seem to find the flexibility and ease of use repays this very quickly.
Click here to see a PDF copy of a sample report from iFile‘05.  This report was run to find which people named as senior officers had traded shares during a blackout period, when no trades were permitted.
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Why bother with Insider Filings software when I have to use SEDI for filing?